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Quotes, Comments, and Testimonials!


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"Many people who have shifted to a healthy plant-based diet have told me that the hardest food for them to do without is quality ice cream. Now, thanks to Jeff Rogers, you can make your own gourmet frozen desserts without dairy products. And they'll taste better than Ben & Jerry's or Baskin-Robbins ever did!"

John Robbins
Author, Diet for a New America, and The Food Revolution

"Jeff Rogers creates decadent ice creams that match, even surpass, their dairy counterparts. His ice cream recipes are perfect for people who can't digest dairy or just want to live a healthier lifestyle."

Tal Ronnen
Chef/owner of Crossroads, Los Angeles, and author of New York Times best-seller The Conscious Cook

"Vice Cream shrinks the fallacy that a chasm exists between nutritional food and good tasting food. Jeff does an amazing job of proving through his work that we can both enjoy our food and live healthy at the same time!"

Jerrod Sessler
Cancer Survivor & Author of "Food Chains" and "Five Percent Chance"

"As an ocean conservationist I have seen first hand the damaging diminishment of biodiversity in our seas. Fish of all species worldwide have been driven to the brink of extinction, some have already been lost. The value of a living fish in maintaining the ecological integrity of oceanic eco-systems is of much greater importance than a dead fish on a plate and 40% of the fish taken from the oceans are used as fish meal fodder for domestic livestock and farmed raised fish. The foundation for conservation and for environmental protection must embrace a vegan diet and Jeff Rogers can show us that veganism is not only healthier for both the planet and ourselves but vegan deserts are actually more delicious. Jeff has illustrated the true meaning of a "guilt free" desert."

Captain Paul Watson
Founder - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Co-Founder - The Greenpeace Foundation

New!Added 6/3/2013

"If you're going to have a vice....it should be Jeff's frozen desserts!"

Mariana Tosca

"This is sooo amazing! Now, if I could only get my hands on those recipes..."

Allison Rivers,
Allison's Gourmet

"Sinfully sumptuous, fun to make, and all vegan! That's one improvement in ice cream that's long overdue."

Dr. Neal Barnard
President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

"Quite delicious... We enjoyed the taste test and felt honored to be among the first to try this exciting cruelty-free dessert. We are all nut lovers so the maple walnut was a huge hit. We loved the chocolate chip, too, especially the way the chips are like tiny morsels that go through every spoonful, making each bite totally tasty."

Ingrid E. Newkirk
President, PETA

"It's Cold and Tasty!"

Kevin Nealon
Actor, Comic

"Jeff Rogers doesn't just give you a slice, but a whole spoonful of heaven with his
amazing frozen dessert recipes. His creations are delicious and unforgettable. Yum!"

Sabrina Nelson
Webwitch, VegSource.com


So rich, so dreamy,
So luscious and creamy,
The perfect refreshment
When the weather,s steamy.

One taste, we were hooked,
The flavors unforgettable,
What pleasure divine,
A few calories regrettable.

With flavors like Date Nut,
And Peach Nectar to choose,
We were on a roll
And couldn't lose

Are there some chocolate,
Flavors you hint?
Sure! Brownie, Peanut Butter,
And Chocolate Chip Mint.

By the Naughty Vegan,
We were mightily bitten,
We couldn't deny
We were totally smitten.

by Zel and Reuben Allen
Vegetarians in Paradise

"I've been real lucky to have been able to taste this unbelievably rich, creamy, smooth, almost sinful experience. Simple and clean ingredients. You WILL NOT believe it is not dairy....believe it! If you ever want to visit Nirvana again...sit back with a pint of The Naughty Vegan....non-dairy never tasted sooooooooooooo good! Enjoy!"

Bill Amey
Co-founder, SoyStache.com

"I have never met a cow that wasn't a big supporter of Vegan "ice cream."  
When you try it you can join the bovine revolution."

Howard F. Lyman
Author, Mad Cowboy

"When it comes to his Vice Cream™ recipes, Jeff Rogers has made an impressive addition to the world of delicious, healthy desserts that adds pleasure to our life without the need for artery clogging cholesterol and saturated fat. Jeff's recipes are simply and sinfully great."

Francis Janes
Executive Chef
Cafe Ambrosia

"A Viking's last wish is to die with a sword in his hand so that he might spend an eternity in Valhalla, feasting on nature's bounty. Having tasted Jeff Rogers' Vegan ice creams, I can state with all of the authority of the gourmand that I am that his concoctions are as close as we mortals get to Eden, Elysium, and Valhalla. Somewhere in America Ben of Ben & Jerry's fame recuperates from his quadruple heart surgery and most certainly avoids the cholesterol-loaded ice cream bearing his name. Jeff's iced-creams do not include body fluids from diseased animals. His creams are made from the fruits, nuts, and seeds harvested from organic gardens."

Robert Cohen
Author, Milk the Deadly Poison

"Damn... Damn!"

D.F. (after trying Jeff's raw cacao smoothie, Seattle, WA)

"This is the best dairy-free ice cream I've ever had!"

Jaclyn (at The Naughty Vegan booth, Vegfest, Portland, OR, 2011)

"Your book is magnificent. I am having fun playing with the recipes."

Robert Cohen

"The cookbook is so great!! We are making ice cream way too often.
Thanks so much for sharing all your good work with the world.

Tofu A Go-Go

Here are a few comments heard at the 2003 International Raw and Living Foods Festival in Lebanon, OR, USA:

"Mmmm... You know what you're doing!"

Jaime of The Date People

"I almost feel like I'm cheat'n!"

David Hansen

"This is the best vanilla ice cream I've ever tasted in my life!"

Portland, OR

If you have tried some of Jeff's Vice Cream™ or have tried his recipes
and would care to share your comments, please contact Jeff!

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