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Chocolate In The Raw! - A gourmet raw foods class, taught by Jeff Rogers.

Almond chocolate cookies

(all vegan chocolate)

[Jeff is working on his new raw recipe book, including lots of chocolate recipes!]
[Email us to be notified when the book is ready (2009?)]


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(Just in time for National Chocolate Week, March 20-27, 2006)

Jeff is finally revealing some of his raw chocolate recipes!

Featured items:

Chocolate cookies:

Coconut Macadamia Nut

Chocolate candy:

Rawtsie Rolls!™
Rawdiva Chocolate™ (raw-dive-uh)

Chocolate Amaretto Torte (4-Layer Cake)!!!
Cocoa - Raw and wonderful!!!

chocolate amaretto torte

All students receive samples of each item!

Note: The cake will be served with Jeff’s Rawnilla™ (raw vanilla) Vice Cream®

Chocolate, in different forms, has long been a favorite of many people. While the transition to a 100% raw food diet may be a challenge to many, raw vegan chocolate treats may be a way of making that transition much easier (and more enjoyable!) Raw chocolate is also a wonderful taste treat for any raw foodist! Please join us for this unique class offered by Jeff Rogers, The Naughty Vegan!™

Jeff is well known in the raw foods community for his raw treats, especially his Vice Cream®. Jeff is the author of the vegan recipe book Vice Cream (including raw recipes) and has given demos at vegetarian and raw food events around the US and Canada. Jeff won the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Proggy Award for “Best New Dessert Cookbook”!

Jeff will have his book, Vice Cream, available for sale, as well as raw cacao nibs and other treats.


Cascade People’s Center
309 Pontius Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
At the intersection of Pontius and Thomas, one block west of REI. SEE MAP!

Directions from I-5 North or South:
Exit 167 off I-5, left onto Fairview Ave N, left at third light onto Thomas St, two blocks, left onto Pontius Ave N, the Center is first driveway on your left. We're next to Cascade Park and the P-Patch, across the street from Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Cost per person (Please reserve early. Prices have been kept low to make this affordable to more students. Your participation will encourage more low-cost classes!)


"Jeff knows decadence.  His chocolate creations are genuine bliss  - tasting even more alive, more flavorful than their flimsy cooked counterparts.  Taste his Chocolate Coconut Milk and tell me why you would give your children a powdered, canned substitute to start their school days ever again!"

Tonya Kay, professional dancer, actress and fire spinner  

(Regarding Jeff's Coconut Cacao Macadamia cookie)

"It is rare to find a combination of sweet and crunch that is good for you. I love it!"

Jerrod Sessler, NASCAR Driver, Cancer survivor, Vegan

"Jeff is a dessert maestro! His vice creams are outstanding, his Coconut
Macadamia cookies are great, and his Chocolate 4 Layer Cake is about as good
as any dessert I've had - raw or otherwise!"

Tom - Redmond, WA

"Jeff's Chocolate Layer Cake is really impressive - it is rich and delicious!
I really enjoy his vanilla ice cream - his desserts are always crowd pleasers."

Susan - Redmond, WA

"Say good-bye to your convection oven and hello to Jeff Rogers. You will
delight in his enthusiasm and will drool over his chocolate desserts... if
you are lucky you will be graced with a bite of his chocolate layered cake, mmmm..."

Christy Nieto - WA

"I've had the blessing to eat some of Jeff's delicious raw foods chocolate treats.  The Vice Cream is phenomenal and so are his wonderful chocolate coconut macadamia cookies.  Its nice to know that these desserts are Healthy and organic and made with so much love, integrity, and dedication to our health.  His coconut pie is also awesome - very rich and creamy.  Sometimes its hard to believe that these foods are GOOD for you!"

Thanks Jeff.  I am sure you have helped many a raw foodist to stay on their healthy diet :  )  Peace.

Laura - Washington

"Jeff has an exquisite touch for chocolate. His multilayer chocolate cake was rich and smooth,
glorious in texture, taste, touch, and elegant to the eye as well. You would do well to learn
from Jeff as living foods chef and raw chocolate master."

O.B. - Seattle

"Jeff's chocolate creations are SO good! They are easily among the best raw desserts I've had. His
chocolate milk is 100 times better than any cooked sweet drink I've had in the past. His cookies have just the right texture, sweetness, and flavor richness. His melt-in-your-mouth (frozen til ready to eat) little chocolate pieces are the best ever--look out Raw Goddess chocolates! This is THE best way to "transition" yourself and your family/friends from cooked to raw!"

Eric Farris - Seattle, WA


Purchase a Vice Cream book!

Jeff's Biography

Wish to have Jeff put on a Vice Cream® class or party? Jeff can teach you or your group how to make your own delicious gourmet vegan ice cream or other raw vegan foods. He is also available to cater your special event, making fresh Vice Cream® for you. Email Jeff!

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